Project Overview
It is difficult to confidently source materials from factories that align with Target's sustainability goals. Keeping accurate points-of-contact and certification history for factories at a large skill is a daunting undertaking. ConsenSource was designed to give Target's Sourcing team an alternative means of discovering factories and validating their related certifications. I led the design effort, working closely with a team of engineers to translate the complex technical nature of the project into something digestible for others throughout Target and beyond.
Designing one product for three different users
There are three core users of ConsenSource: the Target Sourcing team, the factories themselves, and the certifying bodies. Their respective home screens are tailored to each specific use case.
Landing page
A one-page landing page that gives an overview of ConsenSource, it's intended users, and how to get involved. This project is now open source and open for other organizations to use:
See the experience
A short minute video (not designed by me and is included here for reference) created for Demo Day at Target Headquarters to explain ConsenSource to those who knew very little about blockchain or sourcing.
Meet our team

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