Experiment Overview
Historically, Photoshop users are categorized into three broad buckets: complete beginners, aspiring hobbyists, and creative professionals. These are broad strokes, and there are lots of people who would categorize themselves as neither of these, somewhere in between, or all of these at once. This experiment sought to explore what it might be like if we captured a user's intent (via simple questions on launch) and then allowing users to 'retrain' it through the in-app content. This work is the second iteration of an experiment that was completed before I joined the team.
Photoshop Intent Capture | Version 1
The first iteration was a web experience that users interacted with while they waited for Photoshop to install. Users were encouraged to pick projects that interested them based on images alone, rather than answering questions on perceived skill. An incredible amount of research had been done on this project before I joined, so I had a lot of guidance as I led the next iteration.

The excellent video and work shown is not mine and belongs to another team.
It is included here for reference.

Photoshop Intent Capture | Version 2
This second version aims to bring core tenets of the first experiment into the app. What you're seeing in the video below is a walkthrough of the experiment from end-to-end. 

Users first learn about this experience via email, banners in Creative Cloud Desktop, or a banner on Photoshop's homepage. Users see immediately how the projects are filtered, and can change it if they'd like. Hovering over projects allows users to preview what they'll make before selecting ones they like. We then recommend up to five to start with.

When a user chooses a project, they see a short 1-min video that serves to inspire and prepare them for the task.
They then proceed to do the project with in-app guidance, using a to-do list format to keep track of their progress. When complete, users are invited to leave feedback, save their progress, and start the next project right away.
This mockup was informed heavily by foundational and user research on the experiment's first iteration. Though this iteration did not get tested in the app, many elements of the work made their way into new core product features - in particular, the to-do list, in-app videos, and more.
This prototype was created immediately after Nested Components launched in Adobe Xd. You'll notice a few animation bugs that are the result of me learning these new tools - but only if you look closely.

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