Mock UI for digital displays in the kids' section.

Mock UI offering guests the option to shop by event, see sizes, get texts, and take advantage of current promotions.

Incorporating the excellent content from #TargetStyle into digital displays.

Incorporating the excellent content from #TargetStyle into digital displays.

Digital displays and the Target Beauty experience

As part of this Next Generation of Stores ideation effort, I designed a prototype to explore how Unison and Beauty might interact. The simple experience shown here might be on an iPad in the beauty section of a Target store, beckoning guests to explore a variety of different looks, quickly. 

Shifting eyes with eyeshadows draw attention to the tablet. The CTA invites someone to tap. When they do, their selection expands to signal the transition into the experience.

When a user taps a color, a diverse collection of faces shows what that color might look like. Little quotes from Target's Twitter are shown, as well. The user has the option to call a beauty concierge. The concierge would then work with the guest to choose the best colors, and could even take a photo of the guest to help.

Digital displays and the Guest purchase journey

These illustrations explore various scenarios where Unison might bring joy, information, and convenience to both team members and guests as part of a storewide digital strategy. The illustrations use a combination of handcrafted vectors and Shutterstock assets.

Scenarios shown | Help when you need it and Discovering new (owned) brands

Scenario shown: Drive Up on Black Friday 

Scenario shown: Loyalty at play when a guest comes in to pick up a phone for his wife

Scenario shown: Purchasing anytime, anywhere

Scenario shown: Large format screen reacting to guest

Scenario shown: Wayfinding during Back to School

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