Hi, I'm Brijhette. 
Pronounced like bridge-JET.
I revel in tackling the unique combination of analytics and intuition to craft gorgeous, user-centered experiences.

I have spent nearly eight years designing buildings, apps, websites, physical models, and utilizing the power of emerging technology. I especially enjoy working closely with software engineers and user researchers because I learn so much from their ways approaching problems.

Since June 2019, I've worked on growth design at Adobe in San Francisco. I've been the Design Manager for the Creative Cloud Growth team since early 2021. Our team designs, builds, researches, and measures experiments in an effort to help users get value from their Creative Cloud apps faster. The work moves extraordinarily quickly, and covers a myriad of surfaces - from email campaigns to social ads to websites to in-app content. In addition, I was the lead instructor at UC Berkeley's six-month UX/UI/FE bootcamp in late 2019 and completed three large design consulting projects in 2022.

My deepest passions include computational astrophysics, structural & earthquake engineering, languages and travel, architectural photography, and lifting very heavy objects for exercise. I'm also raising money for a structural engineering education fund - please support us here!
I am always open to learning about opportunities to collaborate on creative or technical projects. 
Here's my resume or drop me a line using the contact form.
Thank you! I'll be in touch.
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