Preparing each app screen in Sketch for testing in InVision

The app promotes quick access to product information for use in training and guest conversations.

Team Members are able to leave general comments about products as well as store-specific comments to TMs in other stores.  They're also able to give sentiment scores to these comments.

Due to the very short development timeline and a rapid move from iOS products to the Android-based Zebra devices, the app uses Material design with very few customizations that might impede launch.

Unison, in addition to being an analytics platform, is a large content management system. Connected product vendors upload images, videos, descriptions, FAQs, and more to our system. That content then populates the in-store tablets, the Team Member app, and more.

These comments are product-specific and are visible to vendors. We later added the ability for TMs to assign sentiment (sad, neutral, happy) to product-related comments from Guests and other TMs.

These comments are store-specific and are visible to all TMs in that store as well as the Unison team. TMs assign sentiment to these, as well.

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