Lightroom 2021 
Two banners to encourage current users  in AU/NZ to give Lightroom a try.
Adobe Xd 2020 (Banners)
Four banners to encourage current folks to check out Adobe Live.
Adobe Xd 2020 (Emails)
Here are the emails that accompanied the above banners (as well as a Facebook and Instagram campaign). Often, the banner, emails, and other assets share a design language so as to be easily recognizable by users on a variety of surfaces.
Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC
Two banners for showcasing learning materials within the Lightroom apps.
How Apps Work Together 2020
Three banners that were part of a wider initiative to encourage folks to use two apps together.
Adobe Xd 2019 
A banner that encourages users who are using Photoshop to screen design to try Adobe Xd.
Lightroom 2020
A banner that encourages Lightroom users to tap into some of the most powerful features: in-app guided tutorials and an active community of photographers

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