The Playground
The Playground is the area guests see first when entering the store from the main street. Here, smart products are displayed alongside their apps. In addition, a screen (either an iPad or a large wall display) provides additional in-depth product content. This setup invites guests to experiment with and learn more about all of the products. 
The Rooms
The acrylic house contains three rooms: Living Room, Bedroom, and Kitchen. The rooms present dozens of products and how they interact to create a holistic smart home experience. Guests personalize their experience from the kiosks. 
The Garage
The Garage hosts very new products - including those that are in the earliest stages of development. The Garage offers a great way for new startups to get real feedback from users during product design and development. 
Open House is a store! All of the products - with the exception of pre-market prototypes that might be in the Garage - are for sale. Guests can experiment with, learn about, and buy smart home and connected products with increased confidence.
Media credit: Local Projects + Target

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